Living in the desert, watching bad televistion.

Hello, I'm Katie. 23. Michigan.
SMT. Persona. Homestuck. Teen Wolf. Fossils. Reading. Cosplay. Slammin and Jammin.

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new aesthetic: cryptidcore

  • kitschy t shirts and keychains from souvenir shops depicting the local urban legends and monsters
  • glow in the dark stuff and generic alien themed stuff
  • tin foil hats
  • muffled x files, gravity falls, and twilight zone theme songs playing in the distance
  • staring into the night sky and wondering if we’re alone
  • lots of pictures of the woods and abandoned houses

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Bokuto is the type of friend who drags you to zoos and waves at all the animals and makes you take pictures of him with them and buys too many souvenirs and Akaashi is the friend who hates going to zoos because the animals are in captivity and not free to do what they want.

SOOOOO my elizabeth wig came and I’m in LOVEEEE!!

Ignore my poor bathroom lighting, but its a gorgeous silver

EXTRA! EXTRA! aaaaaandjunpei is the perfect tanaka im SO HYPE for our little haikyuu!! Group at youma, were gonna be stylin and profilin


Xiaolongbao 小籠 Shanghainese steamed mini-buns, filled with meat morsels and soup inside. Some with crab butter! Love them. 

Also endearing known as “Bruce Lee’s buns,” due to the fact that his Chinese given name is Xiaolong 小籠, which means “Little Dragon.”


[walks up to a straight couple] so which one of you is the dayman and which of you is the nightman


Roadtrip AU in which everyone knows Derek sucks at taking pictures except accidentally he kinda doesn’t and also their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and they have to wait for it to get repaired, because I need more practice with everything and to learn to put up more stuff?

I have the day off after the Death From Above concert 🙏🙏🙏🙏 THANK U GOV HOLIDAYS


Possibly one of the greatest narrations in the history of anime

It took 5 hours to sew those pants rofl i want to cry